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The summarization of the 17  Laws of Success is almost complete.  This large undertaking has been the focus of my time as of late.  

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The Basics

Summarization of the 17 laws of Success


In the path to become successful, your journey should begin from within.  

You must first develop yourself as an individual, that is, change what goes on inside, in order to begin altering your circumstances outside.  

Material wealth, health, a relationship, overall well-being, all first must germinate from the seed of… Read more

NLP Basics: How to Persuade Others More Effectively – Thinking Strategies Technique


There will always be a time in your life where it will be necessary to be persuasive in some kind of way.  Perhaps you need to make an impact during a job interview.  Perhaps you are in the business of sales.  Or maybe you just want someone to see things from your perspective.  Compelling arguments aside, there are techniques… Read more

Understanding the Mind – In Pictures

So what really is the mind?  When most rational people picture the mind, they think of their brain.  



In fact, do a google image search of "mind".  You'll get a myriad of images, mostly depicting the human head.  However, the mind is NOT our brain.  In fact, it's not even physical, and herein lies a dilemma,… Read more

Success Journal – update



It's been quite some time since this has been updated.  Mainly, the process of moving into a new home has indeed put the business on the back-burner.  However, with that out of the way, we are finally ready to continue on. 

Since the last update, we were able to get the merchant account approved and ready to go.… Read more

Success Journal – Let’s Start a business


In this blog I will chronicle my adventures in attempting to start my own business in the form of a journal.  The first post will catch everyone up to the point where I stand now, as I am already a few months into

Read more

The 3 Income Earning Strategies


From as far back as any of us can remember, society has taught us to get an education, choose a career path and work our way up the corporate ladder.  In school, I don't recall ever being taught any alternatives, or that any alternatives even existed.  If you want to live a good life, you need to start… Read more

Proven Techniques


How to buy cheap merchandise overseas and resell for profit

One of the biggest keys to financial indepedence is establishing multiple sources of income.  As e-commerce continues to gain popularity, a great place to start diversifying is by doing business online.  A member from a site I frequently visit put this information together, and I… Read more